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1990-2018 28 years of business life for Medicoimpianti Srl
We wish to thank all customers, suppliers and co-workers who contributed to make it possible.

Today the main interest of Medicoimpianti Srl is focused on Neuroscience. In particular are marketed in Italy systems for the data acquisition and processing in vivo and in real time, in humans and animals, including systems of stimulation.

The activity of international trade is completed by audit and business development for small businesses and start-ups. In January 2015, it was published the book on sales management "We will sell e.customers to the customers."

The technical / scientific activity is completed by collaboration with universities for research projects and prototyping hardware / software.
2010-2012     Parkinson tests on touch screen (patent)
2015 - today  Research project on the analysis of actigraphy. Firt ever long term real life actigraphy monitoring at one second epoch.

History of "first" in medical devices in Italy for Gianluigi Delucca
1980-1983 Biostator artificial pancreas
1984-1990 Evoked potentials, digital EMG, sleep automatic analysis,EP IOM in neurosurgery, transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS), urodynamic, stabilometry, elettronistagmography
1990-1997 Quantitative evaluation of sensations (QST), Screening OSAS (Mesam), Actigraphy (Actiwatch), OSAS cpap therapy (Sefam).
1998-2003 EEG  256 channels, automatic EEG analysis, quantitative EMG
2003-2006 Keypoint.net
2006-2013 Brain computer interface, IOM monitoring of deep electrodes, intraoral electrical stimulation,
2014 - present  Observational research labs, automatic analisys of emotions, neuroscience analysis of images, automatic analysis of posture,environmental therapy, neuromarketing.
2017 - present  Core temperature wireless monitoring

Contacts Medicoimpianti Srl
e.mail: info@medicoimpianti.it
Tel/Fax +39 0521506680
Cell.     +39 3356396292
Skype: gianluigi.delucca

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